Computer Help

Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto & Beyond


Consulting & Support
 Consultation on Computers & Technology
 Operations assistance
 Architecture review
 Best Practices
 General Q&A

 Computer Hardware
 Repair & replace components
 Upgrades: memory, cpu, storage, graphics
 Installation: Printers, Scanners, WiFi, etc.

Operating Systems
 Windows & Linux: installation, upgrades, & troubleshooting
 Linux Migration: OpenSuse, Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat
 Linux customization
Business Systems
 Server & Workstation administration
 Software installation
 Custom Applications
 Workflow Automation
 System Integration
 Business Process Automation
 System Optimization
 Data Migration
 Data Backups administration
 Decision Support Systems
 Business Reporting
 Metrics, KPIs, & Analysis

 Network administration
 Firewall administration
 File and Document sharing
 Network & Cloud solutions
 Domain administration
 'Painless' & inexpensive websites
 Web Analytics
 Analytics integration
 Marketing Campaigns
 Social media setup
 Email administration
Security & Privacy
 Virus and Spyware removal
 Firewall configuration
 Custom Firewalls
 Antivirus & Antimalware setup
 Windows Privacy configuration
 Pornography removal & blocking
 DNS Filtering + content blocking
 Parental Controls
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